8-1-13 HD+C
I have been working hard on the store and the work is starting to pay off!
Here are some promos that I've been creating. The store looks amazing and our neighborhood
is great.

6-8-13 HD+C OPEN!
We had our grand opening! Check out the pic of the store.
Hound Dog + Cat is located at 5450 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019
We also launched an E-Comerce website: www.hounddogandcat.com


5-20-13 HD+C
On a personal and somewhat work related note, my wife and I have embarked 
on an exciting new project. We are opening a pet supply store in mid city LA.
I have been shooting the evolution and process of opening a small business and my
plan is to release 1 minute promos of the store, introducing ourselves to our new neighbors!


5-3-13  ACTIVATE Spot done
Here's the ACTIVATE spot that we put together. I couldn't be more

pleased with this ad. 

Yuma Film Fest- AZ
The film will be part of the Yuma film Festival today. Swing by and
check it out on the big screen! 

Fringe Film Fest- UK
Tonight the film will have it's UK premiere as part of Fringe! This is supercool and I
couldn't be more thrilled to have the film there. I only wish I could be there!

4-1-13  ACTIVATE Drinks Shoot
We had a fantastic shoot last month in and around the city. We are now
editing and will be finished in the upcoming month. This is a spec spot
for ACTIVATE Drinks through Hound Dog Inc


3-15-13 We Make Movies (Hollywood)
Tony and I were asked to take part in 
interview series for "How We
Make Movies. It was a fun night of telling stories and reminiscing .

3-5-13 Please Release Me! 
The film is officially out! We have started sending out the film to our
Kickstarter backers and we are also selling the DVD on our page.

1-25-13  Out In The Desert Film Festival
The Film will be playing in Tucson, AZ as part of the Tucson Int. LGBT
Film Festival. Tony and I will be there for a Q&A.

1-14-13  Distribution
I am happy and proud to announce that Breaking Glass Pictures will
be distributing Satan's Angel: Queen of The Fire Tassels. The film 
will be available in both US and international markets on March 5th. 


Happy Holidays! 
We got a couple of great gifts this year and we are quite thankful!
The film will have it's first screening of the year in Tucson, AZ.
It has been officially selected in the "Out In The Dese

11-21-12  Festival Update
The Satan's Angel doc has been playing all over.
I would've like to keep up with the updates on this site
but I simply haven't had the time. Lot's of news to come...

10-15-12  Novistra Ad
I've been updating the reel lately. It was time for a
new commercial.Here's a link to the 30 sec spot. 

9-1-12  Satan's Angel: Official Selections
Last month was crazy. I've been working on a commercial
and music video (will post this week). But the big news
is that two festivals have selected the film. I just
bought tickets and will be attending both screenings.
Helsinki will be our official european premiere!


7-15-12  Premiere!!!!!!!!
Well tonight was the night and we couldn't have asked
for a better evening. Sold out! Standing ovation! It
was everything we dreamed of!!! Check out our Facebook
for more pics.

7-11-12  Press- The Advocate
The Advocate chooses our film as an Outfest "don't miss."


7-11-12  Press- LA BEAT

The LA Beat recommends Satan's Angel for Outfest!

7-11-12  Radio Interview- Spice Radio

Ginger Lynn and Christy Canyon are a awesome! Things got a
little dirty and we loved it. Angel entertained and swooned
the gals with old stories. A dream come true!

7-12-12  Radio Interview- The Frank DeCaro Show

This morning we had a wonderful time hanging
OUT with  Frank DeCaro and Doria Biddle! It was
an absolute blast!!!

7-11-12  Radio Interview- The Bill Feingold Show
Our first radio interview and what better way
to kick off this weekend than with the
boys from Palm Springs!

7-2-12  Premiere Update
The night of the premiere is going to be a
blast, here's the skinny:
6:30PM Premiere at Redcat Theater at Disney Concert Hall
7:45 Post screening cocktails at the theater
9:15-? Burlesque after party at The Redwood Bar (316 W 2nd St)

6-24-12  Ebay Auction - Big Toe Painting
The great Big Toe has thrown his support towards
the film and created a painting especially for
the film. We are auctioning this painting to
raise money for Angel's travel to Outfest as
well as PR for the film

6-14-12  World Premiere!

The film has been officially selected into
OUTFEST The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film
Festival! The film will premiere at Redcat
CALARTS  Theater at the Roy and Edna Disney
Concert Hall in Los Angeles, CA.


5-19-12 Satan's Angel One Sheet Poster
We just finalized the one sheet for the documentary
Satan's Angel:Queen of The Fire Tassels and it looks hot!

4-29-12 Music Video
 It was a last minute gig but it all came together. The Martini Kings
featuring Kate Campbell covering "Zou Bisou Bisou"

4- 20-12 
New Trailer!!!
It premiered last night in San Francisco at Tease-O-Rama and from
what I hear it was a big hit. We call it the "Legend Trailer" because it
really captures Satan's Angel's life and legacy in burlesque.

4- 15-12  Satan's Angel News
We locked picture on the film today. What a great day to celebrate.
We have been editing like crazy over the past six months and we finally
have a locked cut of this film. I have been working on a new trailer
as well as the official poster/one sheet for the film. Lot's to come over
the next few weeks...

3- 28-12
Commercial: Mobile Phone Hindi/Spanish
 Here's a quick little Ad that I rebooted.

3- 2-12
Commercial: Wall Taps
 I just finished the commercial for Wall Taps. Take a look at this bitchin'
little invention from Mike Hamel.

2- 28-12  Promo Ad: Paul Jones
Blues legend Paul Jones  (Manfred Man) has a new album that should get
a 2012 release. I had the privilege of capturing the magic in the studio.
I managed to get a couple of interviews with Paul and producer Carla.
More to come.

2- 17-12  Trailer: Polish Bar

It's nice when a project comes along that
is full of enthusiasm and creativity. Polish Bar has already begun the
festival circuit and gaining recognition with every screening. I loved
creating this trailer and I truly hope that it helps to get people in the seats.

2- 2-12  Music Video: King Paris
 Looks like another King Paris video! Yahoo. Can you say green screen and
belly dancers!

1- -8-12  Satan's Angel Fund Raiser
 Di Piazza's gave us a night to raise some money for the film. I love this place.
They have been supportive of this film from the beginning and they continue
to lend a hand. Big Toe and Mike Hamel donated art to raise money. What doesn't
sell will auction.

12- 5-11 Satan's Angel: Edit Update

We are still at it! Tony and I have been putting in the hours at the bay. Not much to
say other than we are tweaking this cut.

11- 23-11 Viral Ad
 Check out this web ad for the Martini Kings. We shot at the gorgeous La Venta Inn
in Palos Verdes. The light was perfect and the bride and groom were in key!

10 15-11 San Fran for Satan's Angel
We traveled. We made the trips to San Fran and Phoenix and the footage looks great.
San Francisco was amazing and Angel was the ultimate tour guide. We managed to
make our way from North Beach to the Castro and back to Broadway.

9- 1-11
Music Video: King Paris
My latest music video is now online.  Check out Ave Maria by guitar great Rick Vito or shall
I say "King Paris"

7- 10-11
Satan's Angel documentary
We did it! We raised all of the funds... Over $10,000 for the film.  Back to shooting and editing
for a mid October finish date. We now have enough funds for trips to San Francisco and Phoenix

6- 1-11 Satan's Angel documentary

We have launched a Kickstarter campaign focused on funding for the film.
Our goal is to raise $10,000 in 45 days. This is a "all or nothing pledge drive" so, besides shooting this
month we will be fund raising as well! Click on the pic for all of the details. We hope you will support us!

4- 29-11
Satan's Angel documentary

A little over a month into the project and we have a rough cut of the film. We will be wrapping photography
this weekend. This has been an incredible project with creative and interesting subjects. In addition
to Angel we have interviewed Dixie Evans, Kitten DeVille, Michelle L'mour, Mimi Le Meaux, and many more.
Join our Facebook fan page for updates on the film:

3- 24-11
Satan's Angel documentary

I'm excited to announce that filming we will be filming this weekend for the new short
documentary focusing on the legendary burlesque icon Satan's Angel. We will be filming in
Palm Springs, Long Beach, and Las Vegas. Tony Marsico has signed on to produce.

3- 7-11
Film Festival: Official Selection to LA Comedy Short Film Festival

I'm very pleased to announce that a short film that I directed "Men At Work" was selected into the LA Comedy Short
Film Festival. The fest will be held in downtown Los Angeles April-11th.

LACSFF Website

2- 13-11 Stereo Blues Music Video
I just put the final touches on the "Shake Your Money Maker" music video for Stereo Blues, a Tony Marsico and Pete Phillips project.
I really wanted a 60's night club scene. I wanted to create something hot and wild with the camera. Since this camera has such a tight D.O.F.
I could really accent certain parts of the frame and spontaneously pull focus. This was a rockin' shoot.

Shake Your Money Maker - Video

1- 14-11 Rick Vito/King Paris Promo Video
Tonight we film the guitar great Rick Vito playing Ave Maria. I'm very excited to capture Rick on the slide doing what he does best.
I'll start the edit tomorrow and have this online ASAP! 

1- 1-11 Happy New Camera (uh I mean) NEW YEAR!
With a new year comes new technology and with technology comes more creativity. I just made the purchase of a new camera.
After a long debate (with myself) and consultation with others I decided to jump on the Canon 5D Mark II train. I've been a
Canon guy for quite a while starting with the XL-1s. From there I purchased different point and shoot and even a G5 many moons ago.
I must say it feels like the good old days of Bolex. I love the control. Here are a couple of tests:

First Shots
Filter Test
Vegas (low light)

10- 25-10 Viva Las Vegas!
Mondo Lounge in Las Vegas will be screening Camp Burlesque, The Buddy Greco Sessions, and Save The Tiki !
A Dragotta triple feature anyone?

10- 24-10 Music Video: Love (The Grams)
A screening of my music video for The Grams played before the San Diego Asian Film Festival.

9- 27-10
Short Film: Save The Tiki

Premiere!!!!! Save The Tiki will premiere at The Tucson Music and Film Festival in October. Info as follows:
When: Monday, 10/11/10 9PM

Where: The Hut, 305 N 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ

8- 26-10 Short Film: Save The Tiki

It's been nearly a year since I captured the story of a 40,000 lb Tiki head transplanted to a downtown Tucson location. 
The 1 year anniversary of the momentous occassion is this coming weekend and I'm doing all I can to get these folks this film.
I've been editing all weekend and it looks like I'll have it done.

8-21-10  Short Film: The Buddy Greco Sessions
Last night we screened the film at Tiki Oasis in San Diego. The film got an overwhelmingly positive response. I'm thrilled that this
project went so smoothly. The Martini Kings are using it as a promo piece for the CD.

7-29-10  Music Video: Mark Knight
Editing is complete! I sent of the final shot to the great Kurt Lawson for VFX.

6-11-10  Music Video: Mark Knight
We shot the "Hung Up On It" music video today. It was a fun day working with everyone.  Editing will start next week.
Stay tuned for more

5- 4-10  Short Film: The Buddy Greco Sessions
I started editing the footage I shot from the Buddy Greco shoot. Recently, I met up with The Martini Kings for interviews. The footage
looks great
and the sound bites from the interviews are going to fit perfectly. If you like lounge music you are going to love this. I need
to finish this puppy
by next month. There is a good chance that it will be screening at Tiki Oasis in August!

1-15-10  Short Film: The Last First Date
We have started sending the film out to festivals. We haven't yet color corrected the over project but it's in the works.

12-12-09  Short Film: The Last First Date
On set mixer and sound designer Jay Verkamp has started sweetening the film. We spent 15 hours mixing, sweetening, and designing
the picture.
There's lot's going on and I wanted to capture the mayhem of the situation.

12-4-09  Short Film: The Last First Date
Visual FX artist and guru Kurt Lawson has just wrapped up the VFX for the film and they look amazing! When I read the script I had a
grand idea that if done
correctly could look beautiful. Kurt's talents allowed this vision to come to fruition.

11-11-09  Short Film: The Last First Date
Co-producer and editor Kurt Jones and I have just completed the editing process. I'm confident we have a solid picture and look forward
to the final product. In addition
to editing we have brought on the talents of Kurt Lawson to engineer our visual effects

10-5-09  Short Film: The Last First Date
Musician and punk icon Keith Morris has laid down vocals for the film. It's truly an honor to have Morris in this project. Having his participation
only improves my vision of this film. To want a punk song for the film and to end up with Keith Morris is just spot on. All thanks to Tony Marsico
for making this happen. Marsico will be arranging the tune and playing all of the other instruments... it's creative chaos waiting to happen.

10-2-09  Short Film: The Last First Date
We are excited to announce that Tony Marsico will be scoring the film. Tony has a rich history of music. From being a pioneer in the late
Los Angeles punk scene with The Plugz to playing with Bob Dylan in The Cruzados, Tony has managed to play on a variety of
classic rock and roll albums.
Tony now playes in two bands The Martini Kings with famed jazzman and brother Frankie Marsico and the
hot rod rock and rollers The Del Reys. Having
his talent and expertise will help bring this project to yet another level.

9-27-09  Short Film: The Last First Date
Yesterday we shot and wrapped on The Last First date. It was a fantastic day with an amazing crew. We decided to shoot the film using
the Sony Ex-3 and I
couldn't be more satisfied. Our next step is editing. We hope to have a couple of rough cuts finished this week. In the
meantime I'll start searching for a color
corrector. Thank you to everyone involved

9-6-09 Short Film: The Last First Date
After long week of casting and some tough decisions I am pleased to announce that Bradley Hasesmeyer and Vallese are on board! These
are two talented actors
that I'm excited to work with. Their experience and dedication will take this project to a whole new level of entertainment.
The shoot date has been set for September 26th.

9-1-09  Short Film: The Last First Date
Kenneth Stipe, accomplished Director of Photography has committed the film. Ken has been working as a cinematographer in Los Angeles
since 1990. He is a graduate of the American Film Institute and has
dozens of credits to his name. I am overjoyed to bring the talented eye
of Ken Stipe into this production.

8-25-09  Short Winded official selection of TMFF
I received great news today. My music video "SHORT WINDED" has been accepted into the Tucson Music and Film Festival.

8-9-09  Short Film Pre Production
The past two months have been quite eventful to say the least. I requested the talents of my writer friend Mark Litton to helm a short script.
He came back with a romantic comedy about the end of the world... I'm excited to say that the film "The Last First Date" will be my next
I have also recruited Kurt Jones to co produce the film. I have been working diligently on the script, storyboards, and production
design. I'm calling
favors and putting every once of effort into this project. The next update will include casting.

6-8-09  Pete Goslow CD Commercial
To promote his newest album Leave It All Behind, singer songwriter Pete Goslow hired me to showcase his raw talent and exceptional
skills as a musician.
We shot in Los Angeles and managed to capture some additional footage for a music video.

5-21-09  Net Zero Solar Commercial
After a wonderful shoot in beautiful Tucson, Arizona and a couple of weeks in the edit bay the Net Zero Solar ad is unveiled.

3-17-09   Martini Kings Promo Video
The Martini Kings hired me to direct a promo video for corporate events, weddings, etc. We recorded the band live and captured the essence of the
martin drinking, swanky, groovy, lounge that is..
. The Martini Kings.

12-21-08  The Grams: Love Music Video
Love was a labor of love. This project was ambitious and exciting. The Grams wanted something fresh and creative so I shot at 30 different
location around San Diego. Working with band was a dream. These folks were troopers and they never missed a beat. Tragically, guitarist
Craig Yerkes lost
his life while diving to a gig in San Diego. He was a great guy and a joy to work with. He will be missed

10-4-08  Mossmaja: Short Winded Music Video
My latest rap video for San Bernardino based rapper Mosssmaja is online and alive!

9-28-08  The Del Reys: Deep Water (Live at Bordello)
I got a a last minute call from The Del Reys requesting my services. The concept was simple... A live gig with over a dozen burlesque dancers.
How could I resist? This was a great gig and shooting at one of LA's oldest bars was a blast. If you're looking for a great bar with nostalgic ambiance
then check out Bordello.